Each Player must be 19+ legal drinking age.  At event check-in each player needs 19+ Government issued ID.

Consuming alcohol is NOT mandatory.  All games will be played with water in the cups.  A player may compete throughout the entire event without the consumption of any alcoholic beverage.  The consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly voluntary.

This is a marathon, not a sprint, if you are over-intoxicated, a player may be asked to temporarily refrain from consuming alcohol.
A player may be removed from the tournament for overconsumption of alcohol, ignorance, unsportsmanlike behavior, or any other reason.

Distractions are allowed only behind the table. 
Spectators cannot distract or participate as a “guest shot”


If you spill one of your cups, you lose the cup.

Tournament Structure:

  • Game play begins promptly at 2pm
  • The tournament schedule is identical for all tables (of which there are 95 total).  
  • There are 6 Teams per table denoted A through F
  • Each team will be assigned to a table
  • Each table will be its own pool.
  • To find out which team # and table you are at, check the tournament team list (listed in alphabetical order of the Captain’s LAST NAME).  
  • You will be at the same table all day until playoffs.
  • Your table will be responsible for informing the referee of the winner/loser of each game and  the amount of cups remaining
  • Your table results will be initialed by each team and your referee
  • Each team is guaranteed three games in the round robin structure.


After the round robin is over, the top ranked team of each table will make the playoffs and the top 33 wildcard teams of all tables will also move on, giving the playoffs 128 teams.  An official (march madness style) bracket will then be posted inside the venue.